• James Hamilton

Oil & Gas to Geothermal

Transferable Skills for the Energy Transition.

James Hamilton, MD of Coeus Energy, talks with Andy Wood, Subsurface Manager of CeraPhi Energy, a Geothermal Development Company.

I was very pleased to receive a positive response to my request for a quick introductory call with Andy Wood. I had noted with interest his article posted on Linked In regarding his transition from oil and gas to a Geothermal role. As a fellow former Mud Logger I had a similar start to my career in oil and gas. Read Andy’s article here for more info! I will always be grateful for my start in the industry.

One of the reasons that I contacted Andy Wood was that over the course of the last few months I have been involved in a range of conversations with both managers and individuals regarding how to transition from oil and gas to new roles potentially being created by the Energy Transition. There is a huge amount of dialogue around this and in the UK and more specifically Scotland and it is being stimulated from a number of sources both in industry and from government.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that a blend of transferable skills and top up training as and when required are emerging as a credible pathway for individuals to transition. This is relevant in an employed context whereby existing teams are developing into new renewable projects or for individuals looking for new roles in a different organisation.

Andy’s story expands upon the importance of refining and presenting transferable skills as a key factor in his success story of moving from oil and gas to an innovative role not just in a Geothermal company but also in a vibrant and growing Geothermal industry with a demand for oil and gas knowledge and skills.

So whether you are an HR/L and D professional seeking to source training to support your organisation upskill for renewables projects or an individual seeking to transition their career, please get in touch. Our team has a combined 45 years of experience in industry skills and training and will be happy to see where we can help.

Coeus Energy offers a range of CPD accredited training courses across a wide range of subject matter. Please contact us and visit to find out more.

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