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At Coeus Energy, we offer a range of services to provide both individuals and organisations with the necessary knowledge, information and skills to prepare for the Energy Transition.   


We pride ourselves on high quality, highly effective content, and knowledgeable & experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).  Our knowledge, and the knowledge of many others, is effectively transferred to individuals and organisations via:

  • In-House and Online Training & Consultancy

  • E-Learning Modules

  • Digital Learning Systems & Portals

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Training Solutions 

  • Technical and Project Consulting

Our professional development team ​can tailor our services and courses to your needs and so please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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In-House or Online Training & Consultancy

Published Courses or Tailored In-House Workshops on your Screens or in your Boardroom.  From Business Strategy to Site Safety, from Offshore Wind to Nuclear Fusion.   

Please see our list of available Courses within the link below and please contact us to Enquire about your needs.  We have many more courses in development and a wide range of SME (Subject Matter Experts) to take you and/or business to the next level.

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E-Learning Modules and Digital Learning Systems/Portals 

A range of Professionally developed E-Learning Modules, offered as individual modules or as part of training portfolios. 


Our Learning Management Systems can provide organisations with a complete training solution, accessible anywhere or any device, and providing vital Learning and Engagement Analytics.

All of our Courses listed within the link below, can be adapted to professionally development E-Learning Content and even Micro-Learning Modules.


Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

You do not need to be on an Offshore Wind Farm to be on an Offshore Wind Farm;


At Coeus Energy we can offer Virtual and Augmented Reality training solutions for high-hazard environments such as Offshore Wind Farms, Marine Vessels and other situations & locations on request.  Please use the link below to view of examples of the Virtual Reality Training including:

  • Marine Vessels - Watertight Door Operation

  • Hydrogen Gas Storage - Isolation Valve Operation

  • Marine Vessels - Davit Crane Operation

  • OSW and Grid - HV Isolation Operation

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Technical Project Consulting

Tailored support packages for specific Statements or Scopes of Work.


From Process Safety Support Packages including HAZID, HAZOP workshops to Project Management consulting including Advanced Workforce Planning (AWP) Methodologies and other best in class Project Delivery Services.

Our Technical Project Consultancy Services focus on delivering Projects:

  • Safely 

  • with Quality

  • and On-Time


Enquire to talk ​to our team today.

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