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A Strategic Transfer of Knowledge Consultancy and Training Partner to Empower the Energy Transition

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About Us

Established in 2020 to bring together a collective 50 years of industry experience, Coeus Energy is a Strategic Transfer of Knowledge Consultancy & Training Partner to Inspire, Inform and Enable the Energy Transition. 

We provide Training and Project Consultancy for Technical, Safety and Business subject matter across the wide spectrum of the Energy Transition:



  • Offshore & Onshore Wind

  • Hydrogen

  • Ammonia

  • Solar

  • O&G Decarbonisation & Carbon Neutral Efforts

  • Digital Transition / Industrial Revolution 4.0

  • Grid Infrastructure

  • Smart Grid and IoT

  • EV inc. EV Infrastructure

  • Nuclear Fusion

  • Space Economy inc. Energy Generation

Technical  |  Safety  |  Business

Sillouette of Wind Turbine

At Coeus Energy, we offer a range of services to provide both individuals and organisations with the necessary knowledge, information and skills to prepare for the Energy Transition.   


We pride ourselves on high quality, highly effective content, and knowledgeable & experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).  Our knowledge, and the knowledge of many others, is effectively transferred to individuals and organisations via:

  • In-House and Online Training & Consultancy

  • E-Learning Modules

  • Digital Learning Systems & Portals

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Training Solutions 

  • Technical and Project Consulting

Our professional development team ​can tailor our services and courses to your needs and so please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.


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Our Courses can be adapted to your needs and the needs of your organisation.  Explore our Courses below, and be sure to enquire with us for further information on the Courses we have in development.

Online  |  In-House  |  Individual  |  Workshops  |  AR/AV

Technical  |  Safety  |  Business

Nuclear Fusion

Technical and Business


Offshore Wind (OSW)

Technical and Business


The Energy Transition - Start with Why